Good Beer Bar Certification Program

The Good Beer Bar Certification Program’s mission is to promote, protect and grow good beer practices at bars and restaurants. We believe that the Good Beer Bar Certification Program helps ensure that beer consumers have the best possible experience and that everyone adheres to the same standards.

This certification program is intended to help bars and restaurant in Hong Kong serve beer better, adhere to good beer serving practises and have happier customers. By participating in the program bars and restaurants shows that they care about selling and serving beer in the best possible condition thus giving their customers the best possible beer experience at their venue.

The program is completely voluntary and outlets that choose to participate must not be members of CBAHK; however being a member entails a discounted certification fee. CBAHK adapts worldwide industry standards for auditing, certifying and controlling that participating outlets follows guidelines regarding storing, serving, dispensing and selling beer.

I sell beer and I am interested, how does it actually work?

First you apply to be audited and certified by sending an email to
We will then assign two auditors that will conduct two visits to your venue. One visit will be a “blind drinker” visit where the two auditors will unannounced visit your venue. The second visit will consist of an interview with the owner or manager asking follow up questions. The auditors have an audit sheet that is available for you to to look at before the actual visit and before applying to be audited. If you pass the audit process you will receive a plaque from CBAHK saying Certified Good Beer bar by CBAHK. You are also allowed to use this certification in your marketing, social media, website etc.

Participating outlets must:

  • -  Be located in Hong Kong

  • -  Part of the business model should be to sell beer

  • -  Have a license to sell beer

  • -  Pay HKD500/HKD1000 for member/non-member per bar/restaurant for the audit fee

    CBAHK reserves the right to accept and deny applications for this program based on our missions and objectives.