Sandra Kwong

Previously based in Germany, ‘alcohol enthusiast’ Sandra is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Coaster Magazine. Built upon the foundation and enthusiasm of a 4-man team with big love for beer, Coaster is Hong Kong and Macau’s first bilingual beer magazine, aiming to educate and preach the gospel of brewing and good beer. She also co-leads the local Pink Boots Society, supporting women in the beer industry. 

Handsome Pat Gatherer.jpg

Pat Gatherer

Pat has been in the beer industry for many years, starting off at the original Beer Bay, the old Globe, and then working alongside Toby Cooper to open The Globe in it's current location. Pat opened Alvy's in Kennedy Town with the aim of moving the craft beer scene towards 'restaurants with great beer' instead of the reliance on taprooms. He believes good beer should be everywhere.


Kingson Kok

Kingson has been in the hospitality industry, particularly in the Food and Beverage Department, for more than 10 years. His interest in craft beer was sparked 7 years ago while working in Chicago and seeing the local craft beer scene expanding in the US. He is a BJCP recognized judge and studying to complete the Cicerone Certified level. 

SB Beer.jpg

Stuart Bailey

Stuart is a career event organiser with over 20 years of trade show experience. He was involved in the launch of the Restaurant & Bar trade exhibition and the Hong Kong International Beer Awards (HKIBA). He is also the currently the Chairman of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (HKECIA).


Luke Yardley



Kenneth Ho

As co-founder of HK Beer Geeks, Kenneth is an active member in the local craft beer community. Often labelled the "No.1 Beer Geek", this BJCP beer judge claims to be just a picky hop head with a spoiled palate!


Nick Ho

Founder of Beer Geeks Generation & co-founder of HK Beer Geeks, Nick believes that in order to know a beer style, the easiest way is try it. He is a BJCP beer judge, event organizer, magazine advisor and column writer. Active in the craft beer industry, he is also known as "Alcohonick”.